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A statement from Ignite!

A statement from Ignite! in solidarity and support of people opposing and protesting racist oppression and violence.

We at Ignite! have been reflecting on the horrific death of George Floyd on 25 May and the subsequent reaction around the globe. It is unacceptable that acts of racism and violence towards BAME people still occur today. 

Ignite! works with and across many communities wracked by disadvantage and prejudice and while we do so in pursuit of mutual interests of empowerment, equity and inclusion, we also recognise that we do so from a position of privilege and historical advantage. The events over the last weeks have shown we can all challenge ourselves to do more because how we treat each other matters. Ignite! commits to address what more we can do as an organisation to combat racism both inherent and overt. Over the coming weeks, we will be formulating a BAME Action Plan to assess our position and the scope available to further support the BAME communities in our area.


Ignite! Board and Staff Members


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