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Welcome to Ignition*

Welcome to ‘Ignition*’ – a three-year programme of creative science activities and events in the East Midlands aimed at creating and nurturing young champions of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Ignition* Celebration Event
We're going out with a Bang!

After four fantastic years delivering creative, innovative STEM programmes, Ignition* will be celebrating the achievements of the programme over a two day celebratory event, designed to bring together schools, artists and scientists we have worked with over the years, and also include partners who have helped us along the way, and those interested in the ...

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Come Alive With Science
‘Whizz, pop, bang…’

Come Alive with Science has supported 44 secondary schools over three years and enabled them to work with a creative practitioner and a scientist to devise creative STEM challenges, games and competitions to spark the imaginations of local primary school pupils during National Science and Engineering Week. During the past three years over 17700 young ...

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Lab 13
‘Just see what happens…’

Like the famous art studio, Room 13, (www.room13scotland.com) imagine a lab managed by young people for young people where they can experiment, play, invent, design, solve problems, explore, work alongside a scientist/designer/engineer in residence… and so much more. Sounds like a dream? Well, it has become a reality for six schools in the region. The ...

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Sci-art fusions
‘Creativity crosses the boundaries’

What better way to communicate science, technology, engineering and mathematics than through the media? Just like 2007’s Nottingham Science City films this enrichment programme included the production of new films directed by pupils, as well as commissions in other art and media forms, with the help of artists based in the East Midlands. We strongly ...

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STEM Fluency Labs
‘For the teachers…’

For teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, to develop new creative ways of exciting the interests of students, our three residential STEM Fluency Labs did just that. Run by PAL, in collaboration with Ignition* this series of life-changing residential labs were aimed at lifting teaching practice to a new level of inspiration, and ...

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‘Got an idea?’

The invention competition with a difference. Not only were pupils be invited to submit their invention prototypes for judging but they were also invited to attend a summer day out where they took part in fun and surprising invention workshops, showcased their own inventions to fellow young inventors and learnt from some of the most ...

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Creative Sparks
‘Bright, young things…’

Our Ignition* Creative Sparks programme has so far enabled nine exceptionally creative young people in the East Midlands to develop their skills, passion and talent, by supporting them financially, and pairing them with a mentor to help support and guide their development. Their capacities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics have enabled them to act ...

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Other projects

This section contains details of other events and activities taking place in conjunction with the Ignition* programme

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