Ignite! was founded in 2006 with the vision of supporting exceptionally creative young people between the ages of 10 and 21. Ignite! moved up to Nottingham to run a four-year regional development agency-funded project called Ignition promoting STEM subjects across the East Midlands.


Since 2012, Ignite! has continued to work with numerous partners to build the skills, insights and confidence of communities and enable them to respond to the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world.


We work in partnership with others to meet young people in the spaces they use.


Our projects aim to give young people the opportunity to raise confidence in their own ideas and challenge preconceptions about the world.


The core of our projects are solving problems and so we naturally make use of science, technology, engineering and maths, while deepening them with art, drama, history, music, psychology and so much more!


We take pride in our Nottingham focus, but our work has international application, most powerfully in communities where opportunities and future prospects are limited by poverty or disadvantage


Our four key values shape the way that we approach our work with young people.


1. Thriving in delight and surprise!

We are joyful and create spaces that are safe and expressive.


2. They pave the way!

We are led by our participants and we place no limit on outcomes for them.


3. No-one is left out!

We assess and remove barriers to engagement and success.


4. We nurture and care!

We will prioritise the protection, comfort and potential of all partners and young people.


We promote curiosity and creativity in learning, not simply to develop artists of the future, but because we believe that they underpin all learning disciplines.