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Once upon a time, the Ignition* team was in touch with a Matt Bagley from SETPOINT Norfolk. Everyone was busy and no one had time to be creatively mathematical….

…that is until one day, over cups of tea and chocolate biscuits, whilst surfing various websites (educational, of course), the team stumbled upon Camouflaged Learning, Mr. Bagley’s shiny new company. And the team fell about with laughter at the ‘Useful Maths’ page. And you will too….go on, click here to have a look.

E-mails were exchanged, we all became friends, and a competition was born…

The Funny Maths Competition!

We’re asking all of you out there, whatever your background*, to come up with a something mathematical that will make us all giggle. The more we giggle, the more likely we’ll publish them here and on the Camouflaged Learning website. Not only that, you have the chance to win a Camouflaged Learning/Ignition* goody bag, worth…well, 10% of £500! And the chance to help develop a mathematics puzzle game for schools, with Camouflaged Learning and some very famous mathematical celebrities.

Send your entries in via post (see our Contact page), or e-mail ignition@ignitefutures.org.uk.

Deadline: 31st January 2010

*There’s a research project in here somewhere – are maths teachers funnier than accountants?

Some examples of ones we, Camouflaged Learning and Chew The Fat came up with are in the Ignition* image gallery under Funny Maths. Why not also have a look at these: A funny exam answer, and Proof that Girls are Evil.

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