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A - Z OF...

An illustrated guide to creativity in learning

by Rick Hall
with illustrations by Christie Rider and page layouts by Evelyn Wandernoth
and audiobook produced by Megan Shore and Ashwin Balu


There has never been a more critical time to review and debate how we educate children; there has never been a more urgent need to understand how children learn. Education arouses more passionate debate about how it should be done and for what purpose than almost any other facet of human development and policy – because we all have direct experience of it, and powerful memories of its effect and impact on us as human beings.
In this series of 26 essays on creativity and learning, Rick Hall playfully and provocatively outlines a manifesto for an approach to education that recognises children’s innate creativity; and that encourages their capacity for ingenuity as architects of their own learning. He explores ideas in a fresh and open way to emphasise how play helps children reveal, discover and then exercise their creative thinking, and how a celebration of art and science supports experiential learning across the traditional subject disciplines.

With vibrant illustrations from graphic artist Christie Rider, the A-Z of Creativity is an attractive and accessible collection of provocations, references and personal memories from a lifetime working in the places where young people encounter creativity. This series of essays is aimed at all who have an interest in how children learn. It is not a handbook of lessons, nor an academic thesis but a lively contribution to the great education debate.


Ignite! has engaged friends and collaborators to produce an audiobook which will be available to be listened to chapter by chapter alongside the book itself. Details of how to download and listen to the book will be announced soon. We kindly ask those who download the book and its audio counterpart for a small donation to support our work. Thank you. 

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