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Four artist commissions to help us redefine public engagement with science and curiosity in a Covid world

Thanks to an emergency grant from Arts Council England, Ignite! ran four artists commissions as part of the 2021 Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity. 

With a new landscape of public engagement taking shape as we come to terms with social distancing and reduced opportunities for hands-on and face-to-face activities, these commissions are designed to help us to define and develop different ways of fulfilling our mission.  In keeping with our commitment to creativity, we turn to artists and creative practitioners to help us design a new and different future.


Alfie Eyden 

Ryan Heath.jpeg

Ryan Heath

INSTAR protrait 1.JPG


Chris Lewis Jones.jpeg


Alfie Eyden is a young graphic artist who has produced designs for local celebrations like Hockley Hustle in Nottingham. His proposal for FOSAC is to work with a local primary school and illustrate and make animations of questions from children.

Ryan Heath works at Backlit, the Sneinton studio that offers support for young creatives. His idea is to develop new digital signage for the natural environment and local wildlife areas.

Artists partnership INSTAR, whose members are Trish Evans and Nick Humphreys, are proposing a celebration of jellyfish, in kinetic sculptures that capture their amazing movement, and an online interactive activity around jellyfish blooms.

Chris Lewis-Jones who is a member of the Primary Artist Collective in Radford is planning a series of community-focused events around the science of food.

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