School pupil doing a science experimennt

We have partnered with the We Are Pioneer Group (formerly BioCity) to excite Nottingham pupils about science and raise awareness of local STEM careers opportunities

We are working in partnership with We Are Pioneer, the largest science incubator in the UK, to deliver a range of programmes engaging schools with local opportunities in STEM.


Each month, we invite a group of primary school pupils to spend a day in the We Are Pioneer labs, using their own curiosity to investigate questions that matter to them. Pupils will work with the Ignite! team and a Scientist in Residence from one of the companies based at We Are Pioneer to learn about how scientists really do investigations.

We are relaunching Lab_13 We Are Pioneer as a digital project in 2021, linking schools with their researchers over a half-term to collaborate on science projects investigating the questions the pupils have about the world around them. You can read more about the project in our recent blog

If you're interested in taking part in this special Lab_13, get in touch: info@ignitefutures.org.uk

School pupil working at a table


We have put together a Lab_13 BioCity Cookbook, which includes ten activities that we developed through Lab_13 BioCity in 2019, all inspired by the questions from primary pupils across Nottingham. We hope that this resource will be used by primary teachers to embed asking questions into science learning, and to develop pupils' abilities to think and act like scientists. ​The cookbook is available as a free download here or via our Resources page. 

School pupil swabbing hand for science experiment


We have celebrated Ada Lovelace Day every year since 2018 by inviting year 7 and 8 girls from Nottingham and Nottinghamshire secondary schools to take part in interactive activities run by inspiring female scientists.

Female scientist talking to school pupils