A programme to identify and support exceptionally creative young people between the ages of 10 and 21.

Our Creative Sparks programme began in 2006, marking the beginning of Ignite! as an independent company. The programme supported exceptionally creative young people in the UK to

develop their skills, passion and talent, by supporting them financially, and by pairing them with a mentor to help guide their development.


The original cohort of talented young people in the Creative Sparks programme remain part of the Ignite! family; achieving great success in their chosen fields – most of them illustrating perfectly the combination of passion, interest and talent that Sir Ken Robinson describes in his book, The Element. Many of the Creative Sparks continue to support Ignite! and mentor new generations of young people.

Ignite! Creative Sparks 


Hugo Wilson

DJ and Poet

Philip Latim

Head of Sustainability and Reporting, Virgin Media

Kate Buchanan

Fine Artist

Johnny Briggs

Science Communicator


International DJ

Maya Jane Coles


Alex Pryce

Design, Speaker and Inventor

Emily Cummins

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