Curious Tots

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An innovative project supporting play leaders, parents and young children to express their curiosity about the world around them

We originally started working with under 3s in Bulwell Library as part of the Wellcome/Children in Need Curiosity project in 2018. We then developed this work with support from the Small Steps Big Changes Ideas Fund in 2019 and 2021 in Bulwell, St Ann's, Hyson Green and Aspley.

Curious Tots is all about encouraging young children's natural curiosity and supporting them in their explorations of the world around them. We use questions to encourage them to use their senses - 'Can you smell it?', 'What does it sound like?', 'What does it feel like?' - and introduce them to simple scientific concepts like light, colours, shapes, lenses and electricity. 


As part of the SSBC funding, we worked with a local illustrator, and one of the mums from the 2019 project, Sarah Mooney, to put together a booklet so others can do Curious Tots at home, at the play centre or at nursery. Our second booklet was created at an output of our 2021 project delivering curiosity boxes to families across Nottingham, and illustrated by Confetti student Sophia Bensalem. These booklets are available for free download or please get in touch for physical copies (also available through SSBC family mentors and Nottingham libraries). 

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What's in the Box Booklet Download

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Curious Tots  Explainer Download

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Curious Tots
Booklet Download

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We are relaunching this project in 2022 thanks to continued funding from SSBC. We will be embedding Curious Tots in a nursery setting, and working with community groups, early years practitioners and families over the next three years to explore new ways of developing children's communication through curiosity led activities. 


As part of the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity 2020, we delivered a CPD session for early years practitioners in collaboration with the Nottingham City Council Early Years team. If you're interested in CPD for Tots Time Science, get in touch with Megan Shore at

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