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School pupil using a pipette

Lab_13 is an in-school space dedicated entirely to investigation, innovation and creativity; a space managed by young people; a space where children learn to be scientists as well as learning science

We have developed a family of laboratories based within primary and secondary schools, in both rural and urban environments, across the UK, London, Europe and Africa. All Lab_13 run externally from curriculum pressures, and are managed by school pupils, supported by school staff. Lab_13 is inspired by the Room 13 international network of art studios, set up in schools to allow children to explore their creativity by following their own rules.

A small group of students are selected to become the Management Team of their Lab_13 and have the responsibility to manage the lab. From recruitment, experiments to resources, every aspect of Lab_13 is decided on by the Management Team. Each Lab_13 Management Team recruits a ‘scientist-in-residence’, with either a scientific, engineering or inventing background. The 'scientist-in-residence' is hired by the students and school to assist with investigations, ensure the children are conducting experiments safely, and lend a hand where needed.


Interested in launching a Lab_13 for the children in your school? Ignite! can support you to set up a successful Lab_13 by offering staff training, room design and advise on the recruiting of a Scientist in Residence. 

Please use our contact form to get in touch!



Children in the Lab_13 network post updates of their projects on a blog, have a read here. 


Our Lab_13 Handbook is a comprehensive guide to Lab_13. Click here to download for free!

Children doing science experiment
Two pupils in lab coats
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