Work Experience Visit to Colwick Woods

As a part of my work experience week with Ignite! I had the chance to visit Colwick Woods along with a guide from the community of that area who helped us identify the different features of the woods. The visit to Colwick Woods had been my first time visiting a woodland area and actually getting the chance to indulge in it and discover the different parts of it. We started off our walk by going down what used to be the old track for carriages and horses which had now become barely visible as more green grew around it. We had the chance to wonder off track midway through our walk and climbed up smaller rocks and through trees. I found it much more exciting and thrilling going off the path and

ChemSparks Day Out at Insitute of Making

Hello there! My name is Dalia Ahmed and I am one of the ‘ChemSparks’. My project investigates the relevance of wooden rollercoasters over time. Our central divergent question is ‘why are wooden rollercoasters still built today?’. This question helps us narrow down what we want to look at. As part of this journey, we were given the opportunity to visit UCL’s annual ‘Festival of Stuff’. This included several activities, all housed in a small courtyard. The activities included: mini golf, making your own visor and a wide variety of demonstrations and experiments. The mini golf course included many scientific discoveries and principles that were all explained to us by the students who guided us

Falling Walls and Silbersalz Festival in Halle

I’ve just returned from a fascinating weekend in Germany, at the Falling Walls Community Meeting and the Silbersalz Science and Media Festival! I was invited because we’d put in an application to present the project we did with the Refugee Forum at the St Ann’s Allotments at the Falling Walls Conference in Berlin last year. We weren’t successful, but Falling Walls want to create a community of people who work in science engagement, and so invited people who hadn’t been successful to come to Halle as part of the Silberzalz Festival. It was a great opportunity to meet people from organisations across Europe and the world who run projects that aim to break down barriers between science and soci



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