Two pupils with broken sunglasses on, one holding a conker on a string

Informal, interactive and fun ways of getting people to think about the way our brains interpret the world

Made from cheap and easy-to-find household objects, such as string, ear defenders and chicken wire, science busking tricks are simple ways of getting people to engage with science. 

Over the years, Ignite! has developed different science busking tricks which we take out onto the streets to engage the public with informal science learning. They are a great way of catching people's attention at events and allowing people to experience how the brain interprets the world and our senses in a way that makes you go 'oooh!'.


We would be delighted to run science busking activities at your upcoming event! Please note that we charge a fee for this service.


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Alex Norris MP & Cllr Jackie Morris wearing confuserphones
Child doing a science busking trick
Child doing a science busking trick

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