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An opportunity for students and teachers from schools across Nottinghamshire to learn  about nature and how to care for it through science and research.  

Urban Nature Project


The Urban Nature Project (UNP), led by the Natural History Museum in London, is working in museums across the country to connect teachers and young people aged 9 - 14 to their local nature, and to environmental issues globally. At Ignite!, we are supporting Nottingham City Museums and Galleries to engage schools in the UNP at Wollaton Hall, Newstead Abbey and Nottingham Castle. 


The project focuses on creating opportunities for those identified as having a low connection to nature, hoping to inspire the next generation to care for the nature that surrounds them through hands-on activities to learn about urban ecology.  UNP also delivers training for teachers at participating schools. 

The Urban Nature Project is fully funded and completely free of charge for schools to take part in. The 2023/24 academic year is the last year that this project is confirmed to be taking place.

Get Involved

Taking part in the project gives schools access to:

  • Curriculum linked resources

  • Hands-on outdoor workshops for pupils at the museums

  • Take part in a community science project

  • Ecologists will visit schools to lead a workshops

  • Pupils will be invited to visit the museums 

  • Teacher training led by ecologists 

  • A celebration event bringing together all participating schools at the end of the project


The Urban Nature Project can be adapted to needs of your school and the Nottingham City Museums are now taking bookings for Mon-Wed through to the end of July 2024. Get in touch for more information and to plan your school's involvement with the team. 

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