Creative Sparks: Where are they now? Jane Goodland

It's been over 10 years since we launched the Creative Sparks programme and many of the young people involved have gone on to great things! We thought we'd do a series of blogs with some of the original Creative Sparks to see what they did with the programme and where they are now. We caught up with Jane Goodland to see what she's getting up to and how the programme developed her talent. How did you get involved with Creative Sparks? I first got involved in creative sparks when I entered the Planet Scicast film competition and was approached by the Ignite! team at the awards ceremony. What did you do as part of the Creative Sparks programme? The main thing I was trying to develop during my t

Bacteria is Curious!

Ignite! has been working on a project at Henry Whipple Primary School in Bestwood, funded by a grant from the Society for Applied Microbiology. The aim of the project was to involve new audiences in microbiology in a creative and engaging way. The project was delivered by Dance Equation and scientists from the Synthetic Biology Research Centre at The University of Nottingham, who worked collaboratively with year 5 pupils at the school. Over the course of several months, pupils explored bacteria with the scientists and developed a performance with the choreographers to communicate what they had learnt about microbiology. The performance was then shared with their families and fellow pupils on

#FOSAC17 Highlights

It's finished! The Festival of Science and Curiosity was running all last week (8th-15th February) and was an exciting, lively and fascinating week for all involved! The feedback we've received so far has been positive, with exhibitors, venues, volunteers and participants really enjoying the activities and praising the festival's impact on engaging the people of Nottingham with STEM. Now we've had a bit of time to reflect, here are some of our highlights from this year's festival: Explorers Fair The first-ever Explorers Fair, held at Broadway Cinema and organised by Near Now, was a real shining star of the festival. The fair did a great job of engaging primary and secondary school children o



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