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Bacteria is Curious!

Ignite! has been working on a project at Henry Whipple Primary School in Bestwood, funded by a grant from the Society for Applied Microbiology. The aim of the project was to involve new audiences in microbiology in a creative and engaging way.

The project was delivered by Dance Equation and scientists from the Synthetic Biology Research Centre at The University of Nottingham, who worked collaboratively with year 5 pupils at the school.

Over the course of several months, pupils explored bacteria with the scientists and developed a performance with the choreographers to communicate what they had learnt about microbiology. The performance was then shared with their families and fellow pupils on Thursday 9th February as part of The Festival of Science and Curiosity.

Comments from pupils:

"The best things was that we were learning and having fun at the same time and meeting different grown-ups"

"I learnt about how bacteria move"

"I loved it when we did the different dance styles"

"I enjoyed meeting Rebecca and the scientists"

"I learned about good bacteria and bad bacteria, we also learned how it can affect us"

Check out the video of the project:

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