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Ofsted Endorses Lab_13

​We are delighted to read the latest report from Ofsted, published on the DfE website, discussed how Lab_13 has supported the improvement in science education at Irchester Primary School.

The report, Improving Science with the Lab_13 project, offers great endorsement of the principles that underpin Lab_13 – maintaining curiosity through the children’s own investigations, research and experiments; teaching them not only science but how to be scientists.

"Ofsted good practice example showing how Irchester Community Primary School has improved science as part of a whole-school journey to good."

Lab_13 also features in the latest update from the Royal Society of Chemistry, CHEMworks project that Ignite! is delivering in Nottingham with partners from Nottingham Trent University and STEMnet Ambassadors and the city council.

Lab_13 Ghana

In further Lab_13 news, our collaboration with the Lightyear Foundation comes to fruition this week when the two UK Scientists in Residence, Anisha Tailor and Myf Owen travel out to Ghana to open the first Lab_13 in Africa at Agape Academy in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashante Region. Myf and Anisha will be joining 6 Ghanaian Scientists to form the Scientists in Residence team. They will be there for five months from 16 March, and we look forward to bringing many updates and pictures from the pilot programme, as well as linking the children from Lab_13 Ghana with our teams of young scientists in Lab_13s in the UK.

Picture shows the (empty) space at Lab_13 Ghana at Agape Academy and the playground at Agape Academy and Rick and Fran Ling from the Lightyear Foundation with teachers from the Future Academy in Bosomtwe during their visit in January.

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