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Lab_13 International

We are delighted to report that we have confirmed grant aid from the RSA Catalyst Scaling Awards to establish Lab_13 International as a network both in UK and overseas. Following the success of Lab_13 Ghana, where we are working in partnership with the Lightyear Foundation, and our joint presentations to the KonnectAfrica Conference in December 2015, expressions of interest to host Lab_13s have come from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, UAE, Kazakhstan and Finland. Until now we have been unable to respond in practical detail to these offers and partnerships; now thanks to the support from the RSA we will be able to create Lab_13 International and grow the network.

We are in also in discussion with our partners, Lightyear Foundation, about a mobile version of Lab_13 that can respond to the changing circumstances of migrant and refugee children. We invite other providers of STEM education to get in touch if these developments are of interest to you, and you would like to develop ideas in collaboration…

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