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A great week for Lab_13

This week is British Science Week and many of the Lab_13s have been showing off the exciting experiments they do.

Firstly, on Tuesday 14th, the Lab_13 at Gillespie hosted their Science Spectacular. Parents and members of the local community were invited to attend the event organised by the management committee and Carole Kenrick, their Scientist in Residence.

The pupils demonstrated some of the activities and experiments they have been doing in the Lab_13, including their investigations about rockets. They also welcomed special guests Dr Sheila Kanani from the Royal Astronomy Society and Andres Tretiakov, a laboratory technician.

Then, on Wednesday 15th, the Lab_13 at Irchester ran their annual Lab_13 lectures at the local secondary, Wollaston school. Members of the management committee gave talks about the experiments they have been working on in their Lab_13 to other primary school pupils in the area as well as pupils at the secondary school.

They did some really interactive demonstrations about science, including getting the audience to do a Mexican wave to illustrate how sound waves travel! They also welcomed talks from Rick Hall from Ignite! and Chris Sheldrick from the Wollaston science department.

The Irchester Lab_13 Committee
The Mexican Wave

Science Experiments


The pupils at both Lab_13s were engaging, confident and eloquent and it was great to see how enthused they were about communicating their work to their local communities. We're already looking forward to seeing what they come up with next year!

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