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Introducing Lab_13 Nethergate!

We are delighted to announce that the Lab_13 network has gained its latest addition!

Nethergate School in Clifton, Nottingham officially opened its Lab_13 in May, with the support and championship of the Deputy Head, Shelly Wood. Betti Copperwood, who is also the Scientist in Residence at Lab_13 Rosehill, will be working with pupils of all ages to explore key scientific concepts.

Nethergate is a school for pupils with learning difficulties and complex needs from across Nottingham. Betti trained as a scientist and has been working with Rosehill for a number of years, and as the Scientist in Residence there since November. The effect on pupils of visiting the Lab_13 at Rosehill is clear to see - pupils feel comfortable coming into a separate learning space where they're allowed to let their curiosity guide them. Pupils respond well to the Lab_13 motto of 'just see what happens...'; they're given the freedom to experiment, try things out for themselves and come up with solutions to problems. Science is for everyone, regardless of academic ability, and it's great to see Nethergate recognise the role it can play in developing the confidence, communication skills and understanding of all children.

So far this half term at Nethergate, pupils have been exploring light and shadow; looking at the way coloured materials, movement, reflection and distance affect what we see. We can't wait to see what comes from them in the future...

Keep up to date with their progress on the Lab_13 blog!

Betti demonstrating light and shadow

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