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Surprising Bulwell with Science

Over the past week we've been very busy surprising the people of Bulwell with science! During the week 8th-15th July, we brought science busking tricks to many different events happening as part of the Bulwell Arts Festival.

As part of the British Science Association's Curiosity project, funded by Siemens, we took science busking to events where science is not usually found. By not advertising our presence before the events, participants stumbled upon us and their interactions with science were spontaneous and unexpected.

Thanks to the team at Bulwell Arts Festival, we were able to go to many different events across the week. We started off at the Bulwell Academy Summer Fair, where we were at the entrance with Confuserphones, Slinkies, Soft Hands and other tricks, engaging people's curiosity as they arrived. Over 900 people attending the fair, and every single one of them saw us as they walked in, so we estimate that we had around 600 people (children and their families) take part in activities in the glorious sunshine! We even managed to get Alex Norris, MP for Nottingham North, and Cllr Jackie Morris, to try on a Confuserphone!

On Monday afternoon, we were at Bulwell Market, were there were a variety of craft events. Although we had to shelter from a particularly dramatic rainstorm, we had some really valuable interactions with children on their way home from school. It was great to see people asking 'but how does it work?' and then going off to explain it to their friends, coming back and trying out all the different tricks!

On Thursday, we were part of the Cantrell Primary School Carnival day. We delivered three sessions to 120 year 1 and 2 pupils, demonstrating the science busking tricks and giving them time to play with the kit.

Finally, we were in the entrance to Bulwell Tescos on Saturday, engaging people in science as they went about their weekly shop.

We're looking forward to hearing back from the BSA's research around the project about the impact of informal interactions with science.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who helped deliver the activities and the team at Bulwell Arts Festival!

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