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Nottingham Science Fair October 2017

We're currently working with loads of different groups across Nottingham on science projects. Groups of children from schools, youth clubs, play groups and Lab_13s are developing their own science investigations which are led by their own curiosity. The children themselves have decided what they want to find out more about and have made decisions about the kinds of equipment they need to undertake the research.

Each group is working with scientists from various disciplines from the University of Nottingham, who support the children in conducting accurate research and thinking like scientists.

On Thursday 19th February, all the different groups will come together to share and celebrate their investigations at Loxley House. Groups will showcase the work they've been doing, learn from each other and think about how they can take their projects to the next level. The Science Fair is open to friends, families and neighbours, but also teachers, academics and others with an interest in learning about youth-led science projects. Contact us for more details!

This project is supported by a grant from the Research Councils UK and the UK Science Festivals Network. We're aiming to continue the relationships formed between the scientists and the groups through to the Festival of Science and Curiosity (14th-21st February 2018) and beyond!

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