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Latest News from Ignite's Founder, Rick Hall

This time last year Rick was in India researching creativity and science education as part of his Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship. Rick’s report, Creativity and Science Education, has been published this week, and the link is here...

Reflecting on his travels to India and South Korea (supported by WCMT) and to Ghana and Finland in the past two years, Rick highlights the importance placed in all four countries on creative and imaginative approaches to science education. He draws a number of conclusions, including the need for comprehensive and integrated programmes that cross political boundaries and subject disciplines. Rick also makes a number of recommendations for science education in the UK, notably that public funds from the national lottery should be allocated to the British Science Association to distribute for projects and programmes of community engagement with science in order to build up confidence in debate and public decision-making.

Rick invites readers to contact him with comments and other points of view in response to his report.

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