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And the 2019 Festival Stats are in!

The Festival of Science and Curiosity 2019 definitely felt bigger and better than ever - we had more events, more partners, a more diverse programme, more events for a wider audience, more participants, more venues, there was more of a buzz... In the few months since the festival we've been crunching the numbers and getting feedback from people involved and we're incredibly pleased with how it all went. We're also thrilled to announce that the festival is now officially an independent company in its own right (company number 11842873), and we're excited to be working with the new board on strategic planning for 2020 and beyond.

Our brilliant NTU intern Evelyn Wandernoth made us some graphics to celebrate 2019:

This map shows how far we were able to reach into communities across Nottingham.

The enormously talented Emma Ford captured these fabulous photos:

And the wonderful Isabelle Halliday made our festival video:

Thanks again to everyone who was involved in making it possible, and get in touch if you want to be involved in 2020!

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