Ignite! x Renewal Trust Summer Sessions

Ignite! Summer 2021 Intern, Morgan Kane, reports on the Holiday Activities Fund programme with the Renewal Trust across St Ann's this summer.

After a year of doom and gloom, we’re back doing what we do best. Working alongside the children of Nottingham sparking their own creativity and curiosity once again. Over the past 4 weeks we have been working together with Renewal Trust to deliver several fun-filled science activities!

We wanted to take advantage of the lovely British weather (although somewhat unpredictable) and incorporate the local parks into the activities. The children were given their own personal notebooks which allowed them to express themselves as well as take note of the nature and wildlife they discovered around the parks. It was delightful to see the creativity the children possessed, using the notebooks in their own individual ways to capture their favourite moments- definitely Picassos in the making!