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Ignite!'s incredible interns

Supporting young people to develop their creativity and curiosity is not only what all of our projects are about, but also plays a huge role in how we actually deliver those projects. For the past three years, working with interns from Confetti Institute for Creative Technologies has been key to the way we're produced the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity.

This year, we worked with three students to produce the festival magazine; students worked with us between October and February, combining working from home and coming in to our office, transforming articles, activities, puzzles and the events programme into a 32-page illustrated magazine that wowed everyone who laid hands on it.

Here's what they had to say:

“I saw it as a platform not only to develop my understanding of editorial design in a real-life setting, but also as a way to educate children on the impact we have on the world around us.” – Lily Banks, Year 2 Graphics & Digital Design – BTEC Level 3

“I wanted to get involved as I am passionate about graphic design, and this was a chance for me to utilise my illustration skills. The placement has improved my confidence a lot, I gained valuable experience in a working environment, and I have become well adapted to working in a team.” – Sophia Bensalem, Year 2 Graphics & Digital Design – BTEC Level 3

“The work was fun and intriguing – I had to use a lot of creativity to make sure the work I was producing fit the design brief. My skills as a whole have definitely improved and I’ve got some experience in a new workplace environment. I’ve also improved in my time management, creative thinking and physical art performance. I’ve had an amazing time at Ignite! and the opportunity was a great start to my future career as a graphic designer.” – Jay Robinson, Year 1 FdA Graphics and Digital Design

This year we also worked with Confetti students on the production of The Curiosity Show. A first year Level 3 VFX and Animation student created the title sequence for the show, which absolutely perfectly captured the playful and curious atmosphere we wanted to create with the programme. We also worked with four final year Audio and Music Tech students to create the theme song, which again captured the ethos of the programme, even bringing in children's voices to the music.

Here's what they had to say:

“Working on this project provided me with great insight into the various styles and techniques other producers implement into their work and it was a great opportunity to work alongside some excellent producers.” – Alex White, Year 3 BSc Audio & Music Tech

“Working with the team for the soundtrack was really exciting, it was good to see how quick the tracks came together! It’s definitely something I would love to do again.” – Fabian Fox, Year 3 BSc Audio & Music Tech

“The Festival of Science and Curiosity gave me the opportunity to collaborate on music with individuals I wouldn’t have had chance to otherwise. It was fun to work outside of my comfort zone on music I wouldn’t have normally tried to write, whilst sharing and learning new techniques with others.” – Bradley Cooper, Year 3 BSc Audio & Music Tech

It's been a delight to work with these young people to produce various aspects of the FOSAC programme this year, as well as with the placements team at Confetti, and we can't wait to meet next year's students and see what they produce!

(Quotes originally included in Confetti's Do It For Real blog).


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