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The Festival is here!

Yes, Ignite! has been working hard with a mighty team of interns, assistants and supporters, and we are BUZZED to be the delivery partner for this year's Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity. Here are a few highlights.

We're super proud of our Festival Magazine, produced by students from Confetti college and copy-edited by pupils from The Wells Academy. The magazines have been distributed across the county, but if you haven't grabbed one, you can view it here.

"The Curiosity Show!"

// Wait, what was that? //

"The Curiosity Show!"

Wa-hey! The Curiosity Show is our NottsTV programme this year running from 4-5pm each night from Mon 7 - Fri 11 February, with lots of pre-recorded content featuring schools we've worked with, researchers and videos created by students/volunteers, as well as more live demo content this year. Check out the first one on Twitch (starts at around 4 mins).

'The Garden of Just Because' at Wollaton Hall and Broadway

Our Festival Artist in Residence for 2020-21, Roma Patel, has created a sensory installation for small children to explore, inspired by mushrooms, fungi and mycelium. Roma will also be doing clay mushroom making workshops - book here! (There's also other activities at Wollaton Hall on Saturday, and Broadway is also showing a film about online alternative reality, if you want to combine a trip!).

Workshops across the county!

We've got loads of workshops being delivered by researchers, students, us, STEM ambassadors all of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire - Bulwell to Worksop to Kirkby to Newark. All events require pre-booking, with limited numbers of participants. Check these events out here.

The Real Science in Schools Symposium

Schools that we've been working with over the past year will coming together on Thursday 10th at the Council House for a showcase of their science research, presentation of CREST award certificates and opportunity to see what research has been happening at local unis (including robots!).

Fantastic Curiosity!

There are lots of other things going on too, online careers Q&As, a screening of a film produced with young people and children's theatre shows... Dive in and embrace your curiosity and revel in the science!


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