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Take a look at our previous projects and programmes here. 

Creative Sparks

A programme identifying and supporting exceptionally creative young people between the ages of 10 and 21.

3-2-1 Ignition*

Pop-up show using unused spaces to sell science, curiosity and creativity to families, schools and the public for free.

My Space, My City, My World

A creative learning programme designed to build confidence of young people to make their voices heard about architecture, design, urban planning, engineering and the future. Funded by Children In Need. 

Community Curiosity Labs

A series of workshops stimulating curiosity in science in underserved parts of Nottingham during summer 2015.

In The River Leen

A week-long project with children 11 - 14, investigating plastic pollution in the River Leen. Funded by UKSFN/UKRI. 

Nottingham Together

A science photography project with teenagers, using microscopes to look differently at everyday objects.

Advance Scotland

An 8 week programme commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council and the Borders Council for young creative industry graduates just starting out as SMEs.

Night Walks

A series of walks with primary school pupils at the sun sets, exploring seasonal change in the natural world. Funded by the Ernest Cook Trust.

A Breath of Fresh Air

A programme of environmentally focused cultural events and activities across the East Midlands that celebrated the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

STEM Fluency Labs For Educators

A five-day residential lab, aimed to lift teachers STEM inspiration, and to bring their subjects back to life in the classrooms. At the labs teachers collaborated with practicing artists and scientists who helped guide, challenge and support their creativity, both at the lab, and afterwards.

STEM Research

Rick Hall wrote a report with case studies for the CYP/Learning Directorate of ACE and took part in the Cultural Learning Alliance STEAM seminar at the Science Museum. We worked with Derby Silk Mill as they established their STEAM Institute.

The UK ArtScience Award

Ignite! was the UK home of the ArtScience Prize - an international innovation programme through which students developed innovative art and design ideas informed by concepts at the frontiers of modern science.


A project that focused on using science activities to address youth work outcomes like confidence and communication skills, working with children 0 - 18. 

Creative Schools Project

Projects in schools linking creativity and curiosity, science and art.

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